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Move Like a Champion (TM) workshop

October 21, 2010 by citabria

 The past two days Zoe and I attended the beta testing of Diane Jarmolow’s Move Like a Champion workhsop.

Here’s a blurb about the course from their website:

“Created by “Top Teacher” Diane Jarmolow and Latin Champion Kasia Kozak, this comprehensive 14-hour course teaches principles of dynamic alignment and functional movement that applies to all Ballroom, Latin, and Swing dancing. Avid dancers and professional teachers alike will benefit from this eye-opening instructional course.”


The course was great and I learned lots of exercises to help students understand more about posture and efficient, beautiful movement.

It also helped me reinforce and delve deeper into what I already know about my own dancing.  It was definitely worth it.

Diane taught the Ballroom Dance Teacher’s College when I took it back in 2000 and then, as now,  put an incredible amount of thought and specificity into her material while making it accessible.  I am consistently impressed by how everything she does, she does in a kind and generous way.  She is a truly inspirational teacher.

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