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Tony Dovolani says hi to Arthur!

February 3, 2010 by citabria

Today I arrived to practice at the Allegro with Arthur and saw that the little back ballroom was blocked off and two people were guarding the door to keep people from accidentally entering.  No big deal.  Sometimes that room is reserved.

As usual I put Arthur on the stage and set about warming up.  Next thing I know Arthur is barking because my cell phone is ringing which he believes is his duty to do. (We have yet to convince him otherwise).  Everybody gets wide eyed.  Pixar is filming a top secret project in there and we have to be quiet!  I put my phone on silent, Zoe arrives, and we start to practice.

After awhile the secret stars emerge from the ballroom.  It is Tony Dovolani and Cheryl Burke.  They come out with their entourage and as they pass the stage, Tony stops and says hi to Arty.  I watch as a proud mother from across the ballroom.  And whosh, they are off…Arty’s brush with dance royalty.

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