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The Grass is Always Greener

October 3, 2011 by citabria

I’ve always loved following.  I first fell in love with the listening and responding and playing with your partner of dancing.  I only followed for my first two years of dancing and was fascinated by how every leader has their own way of leading.

For a variety of reasons, while dancing with Zoe, I ended up as the predominate leader in the partnership.  After 8+ years of leading competitively, I have decided to try my hand (foot?) at following.

Following is humbling and challenging.  I have heard myself say -to myself, “This would be so much easier to lead!”  I also have much more sympathy for followers.  I find myself doing everything as a follower that at times challenged me as a leader.

Interestingly my best following is when I think of moving like a leader and not when I try to “follow”.  By “follow” I mean get out of the way.

“Following” (we need a new word for it) really means finding the balance of letting your partner feel what you are doing and listening and responding, adding power and embellishing what the leader suggests….oooh, challenging, but I love the challenge!

Now the real question…..What to wear?

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