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Learning to dance can be intimidating. However, your graceful teaching style makes me feel encouraged and supported. You break each step down in a way that is easy to understand. It is a joy to try to emulate your elegant technique. Every week I find myself counting the days until ‘class’ day. Thank you, Citabria, for helping me to turn my dream of learning to dance into a reality.”

Jean M.

Citabria Phillips is not only a stunning performer of international standard ballroom, but a technically proficient, patient and delightful instructor. Whether beginning or intermediate, Citabria is adept at teaching, encouraging and spotting nuances of form, frame and function that lead to exquisite dancing. It is clear from watching her compete that she loves to dance and conveys that feeling every class! I highly recommend her.”

Kathleen A.

Citabria can and will get you up to speed quickly, painlessly and with panache and laughter. As our coach, Citabria led my partner and me to a gold medal at the 2006 Gay Games in Standard Ballroom Dance. She is always a joy to work with, very responsive to individual needs, easily adaptable, supportive when you need it, directive when you need it. Really an outstanding all around instructor. It is always my pleasure to work with her.”

Sheila D.

Citabria is a wonderfully quick witted, funny and encouraging teacher.  I have enjoyed hiring and working with her and always receive compliments on her clear and easy teaching style.  Always supportive, offering options on moves, and challenging dancers when needed, Citabria is definately an asset for any event!

Joanna G.

Thanks a lot for guiding us through our Bronze International Standard routines for our Pro DVIDA certification; We had such short time and financial  limitations. You were a very gentle, calm, understanding and warm teacher. Looking forward to come back and learn more. Even better we would love to call you here to India.

Santhosh and Akshatha

Dancing with Citabria is magnificent!

Citabria does a wonderful job teaching Same-Sex Ballroom, as well as other fun dances.  Her combination of skill, experience and intuition has kept me coming back for more than a year.  Citabria is great at explaining the dance steps in such a way that her students are able to understand quickly and catch on easily. The class atmosphere is relaxed plus the enthusiasm makes it even more enjoyable and fun.

Dancing has moved me personally in a direction I’ve always wanted to go, but didn’t know was possible.  I have developed the confidence needed to go social dancing and actually dance with people I’ve never met before.

Thank you for enriching my life!

Lisa G.

When you fall in love and you dream of that first dance together, and then reality hits you and reminds you that you have two left feet, there is no better place to learn so you can live out that dream than learning how to sweep that special someone off their feet than at Light on Your Feet.

Jean M.

Thank you so much Citabria for your help in making our first dance as a married couple a magical experience.

Debora S.

I had the good fortune to take a ballroom class with Citabria Phillips. While I consider myself to be a fair dancer, this genre of dance is not only new to me, it is also very different in mood, mode, and execution to what I am accustomed. I initially felt totally out of my element and even awkward. I do not think that this is unusual for a lead learning a new dance. However, Citabria’s patience, individual attention to learners,observations, and the fact that she has been a lead, soon helped me to feel more confident as the classes progressed.
Citabria teaches and reminds us as we progress, as reinforcement, of the details. This is something which I require in my own learning process. The repetition of these finer points becomes lost to many other dance teachers, so Citabria’s dedication to this is particularly invaluable to me.
As a side note, I’ve danced with Citabria in one dance form for which I do possess some capacity during a non-class event … oh my! She is a great follow!
To sum, Citabria is a masterful teacher. She is patient and kind. She is observant and detailed. She is fun to dance with. What can I say except that Citabria is a great dance teacher!

Terry G.



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